London Communities Emergency Partnership

When there is a major emergency in London, the response needs to be quick, coordinated and effective.

The London Communities Emergencies Partnership (LCEP) makes this happen.

LCEP mobilises organisations across London during an emergency. This includes charities, community groups and faith or equality organisations, alongside statutory services. Together, we can tackle emergencies better.

What we do

Building trusted connections

We work closely with our partners to build and maintain strong relationships, ensuring we all have the right connections and relationships before we need them. By facilitating open and transparent connections among partners to exchange knowledge and resources, we ensure a state of collective readiness, empowering London’s communities with the tools to effectively manage and recover from crises.

Sharing knowledge and insight

London has faced several emergencies in recent years, which, as a sector we have learnt a lot from. LCEP makes sure this learning is shared widely for the benefit of all of our partners. By sharing knowledge, trends and insights, organisations know the needs of London’s communities and the risks they may face.

Strengthening preparedness

Tackling an emergency can be daunting, but by supporting organisations to enhance their skills and capabilities, everyone can be better prepared. We make sure learning from responses are gathered, shared and implemented to strengthen future responses. In doing so, we help communities to not only respond in the present but also learn and prepare for future emergencies.

Who are are

LCEP is a partnership – co-chaired by London Plus and the VCS Emergencies Partnership.

LCEP was set up with funding from City Bridge Foundation as well as the Greater London Authority and London Councils.

Read our blog to discover how LCEP began and why.

Meet Emily

Our Partnership Manager at the London Communities Emergencies Partnership is Emily.

Read her staff profile today!

Latest news

  • LCEP launches their new report, ‘Tales of Covid’. Read the report
  • LCEP announces the new projects being funded by the Community Resilience Fund Round 2. Read the blog
  • LCEP Quarterly Meeting resources, videos and presentations from December 2023. Read the blog

How to get involved

LCEP is your network. Together, we can connect, learn and improve our emergency response across London in the future.

As a member of the network, you will…

  • Get quarterly newsletters to stay updated with the latest news
  • Be able to attend our meetings, whether virtually or online
  • Join our online Slack channel to be able to share and receive information before, during and after an emergency
  • Be able to access to the National Emergencies’ Partnership Network Call, National Bulletin and the Capability Development events

To join the network, email today.

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