Reducing Loneliness in Over 50s through Social Prescribing – Webinar Summary

London Plus recently co-hosted a webinar alongside the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities. The webinar was titled ‘Reducing Loneliness for Over 50s through Social Prescribing’.

In short, this webinar focused on tackling loneliness in older people using social prescribing activities. The topic was delivered by Neighbourly Lab, Age UK Barnet and Age UK Islington.

The slides for each presentation, along with brief descriptions of each, are below.

Neighbourly Lab: Reconceptualising Loneliness in London

Neighbourly Lab gave a good overview of why loneliness is a problem in London. They also offered suggestions for how service design might help support individuals more effectively.

Neighbourly Lab spoke about their research regarding loneliness, conducted for the Greater London Authority. This research was put into their report ‘Reconceptualising Loneliness in London‘.

The research highlighted that severe loneliness, not mild loneliness, should be focused on.

It also found some really interesting factors associated with severe loneliness:

1. Life changes

2. Poverty

3. Being single

4. Experiencing prejudice

5. Having a disability

Neighbourly Lab also made recommendations on how to reduce levels of loneliness. Take a look at the presentation slides for more details.

Reconceptualising Loneliness in London.

Age UK Barnet: Supporting Digital Inclusion

Age UK Barnet talked about their sessions that teach older people how to use computer technology. They have run multiple sessions across the borough. You can find information about these sessions on the slides.

Clients talked about the empowerment they gained from these sessions. It’s easy to imagine the digital doors that have opened to them. For example, some now pay rent online, do grocery shopping, or use Skype.

Age UK Barnet have also hosted some group online activities. For example, current affairs chats, mindfulness sessions, and menopause talks. This is an excellent example of how socially prescribed activities can improve people’s wellbeing.

Have a look at the presentation slides for more information.

Digital Inclusion Age UK Barnet.

Age UK Islington: LEGO Get Together

Age UK Islington’s LEGO Get Togethers, in partnership with The Toy Project, have introduced LEGO into the lives of over 50s.

This inspiring project has helped over 50s with many things. For example, motor skills and improved memory. It has even been used as a tool for mindfulness practice.

Clients have expressed many ways the activity has helped them, including improved concentration and social interaction.

For more on this, see the presentation slides below.

LEGO Social Prescribing Age UK Islington.


This webinar, ‘Reducing Loneliness for Over 50s through Social Prescribing’, took place on 30/11/22.

Additionally, London Plus will be hosting a webinar about Neighbourly Lab’s important work. The webinar will focus on how this research could support proactive social prescribing services. It will take place in early 2023, so keep a look out for this.

Finally, thank you to everyone that attended this webinar. Look out for the social prescribing hashtag on social media for more events – #LDNSPNetwork.

See our resources page for more on social prescribing.