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It’s free to become a member of the London Social Prescribing Network which provides access to great networking and learning opportunities.

About the Network

London Plus believes in the importance of supporting civil society and tackling health inequalities, this includes the delivery of social prescribing activities. Please see our diagram which helps explain what social prescribing is.

We have joined forces with the GLA (Greater London Authority) and set up a Social Prescribing Network to strengthen the role of the VCSE sector who are delivering these activities across London. See our diagram that illustrates the Network’s pan-London partnerships.

The Network does this in a number of ways e.g. webinars, collecting case studies, blogging, as well as encouraging our members to share best practice and materials with one another.

We hope this is a place that our members will find useful as well as shape what is needed by the sector.

See below for the benefits of joining the Network:

By joining our Network, you’ll gain connections, knowledge, improvement, influence and community in the sector.

To find out more please read our original press release.

Social Prescribing Resources

Look At This! Our Newsletter Spotlight

This month’s newsletter spotlight is the Going Further Together report. The report examines factors for success in involving organisations in the delivery of health services, and includes recommendations for the health system. take a look!


Please head to our resource page for blogs, case studies & other items to help your practice.

Find more on our website by clicking the ‘Social Prescribing’ Topic Tag on our ‘Latest’ page and ‘Resources’ page.

Social Prescribing Resources

The Social Prescribing Approach

The Three Components: The Social Prescriber, Social Prescribing and Social Prescription Activity.

The Three Components: The Social Prescriber, Social Prescribing and Social Prescription Activity.

Our Social Prescribing Approach diagram is created especially for the voluntary sector, to help you understand what is involved when you hear the term ‘Social Prescribing’. It breaks down the three key components, from the role of the Social Prescriber to Social Prescribing and Social Prescription.

Social Prescribing FAQs

Head to our FAQs page to help you and your practice. It’s covers all of the questions we hear regularly from ‘What is social prescribing?’ to ‘What funding can I access to deliver social prescribing activities?’.

Thriving Communities Programme

We are London’s regional development partner for the National Academy of Social Prescribing (NASP) Thriving Communities Programme, which launched in October 2019 and runs until March 2023.

This is an exciting support programme for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups, supporting communities alongside social prescribing link workers to build upon their current activities. Find out more in our press release, or contact for further information.

We have partnered with five CVSs across London who are the regional development lead for their areas:

One Westminster (North West London),  Voluntary Action Camden (North Central London), Tower Hamlets CVS (North East London), Bexley CVS (South East London), Croydon Voluntary Action (South West London) to help make sure that the VCSE is supported to engage around social prescribing.


The Thriving Communities Fund awarded the following organisations to bring together place-based partnerships to increase social prescribing community activities in their area. These projects finished in March 2022. They are:

For an overview of the Thriving Communities Fund please click here for the latest national report.

Any other queries?

Please contact our Social Prescribing Programmes Manager, Stephanie McKinley, by emailing:

The London Social Prescribing Network is supported by the Mayor of London




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