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Social Prescribing Resources. To help you and your practice.

Find a wealth of helpful social prescribing information in our document below.

View our extensive, up-to-date document to help you and your practice, including explaining what social prescribing is, useful reports, research and organisations to refer people to.

Resource Document

Our Social Prescribing Approach Diagram

We’ve created this diagram [PDF] especially for the voluntary sector to help you understand what is involved when you hear the term ‘Social Prescribing’. It breaks down three key components, from the role of the Social Prescriber to Social Prescribing and Social Prescription.

Blogs and news items

Read our blogs to understand some of the current issues that our members want to highlight.

Reimagining Social Prescribing: Roundtable Discussions with The Ubele Initiative – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Social Prescribing in Black and Racially Minoritised Communities

Natural England: Tacking Inequalities by Nurturing Through Nature

Cultural Prescribing: Why arts in health is not an “add on”

London Plus Social Prescribing network talks inclusivity with small VCSE organisations

Supporting the growth of social prescribing in London

Case Studies

Understand some examples of best practice across London and learn how you can implement them.

Building the system in Enfield: Enfield Voluntary Action

One Westminster: Social Prescribing Link Workers based in the voluntary & community sector

Palace for Life: A Social Prescribing Story

How can social prescribing and social welfare advice work together?

Is the voluntary and community sector silently shouldering the burden of Social Prescribing?

Intersectionality and Social Prescribing – in practice

Getting close to commissioners: embedding yourself in an NHS medical pathway

Social Prescribing during Covid-19: What can we learn?

This is your network

Do you have any social prescribing resources or case studies that you would like to share? Please email with your suggestions.

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