London Volunteering Strategy Group & London’s Lifelines

The London Volunteering Strategy Group (LVSG)

London Volunteering Strategy Group


The London Volunteering Strategy Group (LVSG) exists to champion and support volunteering across London. It was set up in 2021 to provide a space for regional networking and collaboration to support, promote and develop volunteering in the capital.

The group is made up of local, regional and national organisations from the voluntary, community and faith sector with volunteering at the heart of their work, as well as key London-wide bodies such as the Greater London Authority (GLA) and London Councils. We are keen for the membership to reflect the breadth of London’s volunteering sector and to represent London’s diverse communities.

The group’s collective vision is to create a society where everyone feels they own and contribute to their community.

The group seeks to:

  • Better connect on the issues that cross or organisational boundaries, particularly in times of crisis
  • Promote and build recognition of volunteers, and raise awareness of the volunteer role as limitless
  • Raise the profile of the voluntary sector and its infrastructure, for it to be seen as an integral partner in community resilience and resourced accordingly

The group has created the London’s Lifelines website to celebrate and promote volunteering in London. It next aims to collaboratively explore what is needed for volunteering in London to develop and thrive, and to support the wider sector to develop a strategic framework to achieve this, or ‘Vision for Volunteering’ for London.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the work of this group, we’d love to hear from you – please get in touch!

Check out this video for more information on the vision and purpose of this group –

London’s Lifelines

The London’s Lifelines website was the first collaborative piece of work of the LVSG. It celebrates London’s volunteers, promotes volunteering in London and shares key volunteering news and messaging. It aims to

  • Shine a light on the power of volunteering in London
  • Showcase the scope and scale of volunteering in London
  • Highlight the vital importance and impact of volunteering on London and Londoners

You can find further information about London’s Lifelines here. We are always looking for more volunteer stories to amplify our message and to inspire others to volunteer. If you’re a volunteer or from a volunteer-involving organisation you can share your own story here! We can also support organisations by sharing any volunteer news or related messaging – please get in touch.

London’s Lifelines social media:

If you’d like occasional updates from London’s Lifelines, please sign up to the mailing list here!  We won’t bombard you with emails; we’ll just get in touch from time to time when there is important information to share.

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