About us

London Plus became the new name for Greater London Volunteering (GLV), London’s civil society charity, in 2018. We’re taking a bold approach to turn data into insight, empowering charities and community groups through better connections and ensuring that our collective voice influences positive change.

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Our team

We are a small team, with big ideas, to create change. A skilled and dedicated team, we bring together our individual specialisms and sector experience to support London’s charities and community groups.

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Our values

We have created a shared set of values that sit at the heart of London Plus to reflect our ultimate ambition: to move towards a city where all Londoners can thrive.

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Meet our team

    Our values drive everything we do

    By strengthening the diversity and inclusivity of civil society ensuring that it reflects the people who live in London.

    We are open to joint projects and convene our networks to bring together organisations working for similar goals.

    We recognise that civil society is where ideas that can challenge public attitudes and bring about positive social change are tested and developed.

    We will be transparent and accountable.

    We will promote the voice of civil society and use our own voice to champion its right to campaign on the issues that matter to Londoners.

    We believe that civil society is greater than the sum of its parts and will seek out opportunities to increase its influence.