About us

Our purpose is to enable community groups and charities to make London thriving, cohesive, and resilient.

Set up in its current form in 2019, London Plus is a small but influential charity that has successfully established itself over the past few years as a vital resource for charities and community groups. Our values drive our work. We are committed to promoting equality and championing diversity in everything we do, so that charities and community groups across London are stronger, inclusive and reflective of the people who live in London.

We are a trusted partner of many organisations across all London’s 32 boroughs, working to champion and support charities and community groups. This is done by making connections, running networks, collecting data, and working to communicate with partners and stakeholders. Ultimately, London Plus helps organisations across the voluntary and community sector do more, and do better.

London Plus played an integral role during the pandemic, supporting and coordinating the impressive efforts of London’s charities and community groups. From this, the London Communities Emergencies Partnership was created, which brings together the whole voluntary and community sector in London and should change and improve how London responds to emergencies.

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Our team

We are a small team with big ideas and determination. We aim to combine our skills and sector experience to support London’s charities and community groups.

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Our values

Our shared set of values sits at the heart of London Plus, reflecting our ultimate ambition: to help build an environment where all Londoners can flourish.

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Meet our team

    Our values drive everything we do

    We welcome ideas, connections, and potential collaborations. This helps us gather more useful information to help the sector, as well as to connect the right people and organisations to maximise the value of our work.

    The impact and value of our work comes through the work of others – charities and community groups on the front-line. We simply aim to highlight, reinforce and support their work.

    We cannot know fixed and permanent answers or truths. We adapt our views and intelligence as we gather more information, and are open to guidance, to corrections, and to any comments as well as criticisms that help us improve.

    For the voluntary and community sector in London. Charities and community groups in London play a vital role. We want to help them do more, helping tackle disadvantage and inequalities in the city