London Plus June Newsletter 2023

Hello, Welcome to our June newsletter. It seems that June is a big month for London and there’s a lot going on.

We started the month off with Volunteers’ Week and it was wonderful to see all the celebrations. We have the Mayor’s Community Weekend soon, and there’s a huge array of events happening across the capital to celebrate – see more on this below. Also, it’s Small Charity Week next week, and on top of this, it’s Pride month! I’m sure a lot of you are busy preparing for the parade on July 1st.

In other news, a new report featuring London Plus was released recently. From Resource for London, the report looks into London’s infrastructure organisations and the challenges they’re facing. You can find a link to the report at the bottom of this newsletter.

We hope you find this newsletter useful. As always, if you have any suggestions for the next one, feel free to contact Henry at

London Plus News

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Cost of Living Documents
London Plus now has three cost of living documents available, which all serve different purposes. First, the resources document contains information on how people can get support. Second, the good practice document has a list of examples of good organisational practice and innovation aimed at mitigating the impacts of the crisis. Third, the data document includes an ever-growing list of the available data relating to the crisis. Click the link above to see all three.

London’s Lifelines Film
In celebration of Volunteers’ Week, we would once again like to shine a light on the wonderful London’s Lifelines film. It acts as a recognition of all that volunteers do for London. Take a look at some inspiring volunteer stories.

Video Content Creation
Tuesday 20th June, 2pm
London’s Lifelines, alongside Mediorite, are hosting an online event where you can build your skills and confidence to help you capture engaging self-filmed video content. Sharing your volunteer stories will help to highlight the work of your organisation and encourage others to get involved in volunteering and make a difference in their communities!


News: Glasses on Newspapers

Pride in London is returning on Saturday 1st July. Find out everything you need to know here.

Community Weekend
The Mayor’s Community Weekend will run from Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th June. There will be a huge array of events and activities around London throughout the weekend – at least one in every borough! The events will celebrate and support the development of strong community relationships in the capital.

Children and Young People Awards
The Children and Young People Now Awards are returning for their 18th year. The awards seek to recognise all the people working to improve the lives of children. The ceremony will take place in November, and the deadline for entry is Friday 23rd June.

Spring Budget
This piece from NCVO discusses the 2023 Spring Budget and its implications for charities. Topics include funding, tax, workforce support, and more.

Events & Training

People in a meeting room

Digital Strategy
Tuesday 27th June, 10am
This interactive session from Third Sector Lab is on creating a digital strategy. Topics will include remote working, the role of your board, becoming data driven, and designing digital services.

Heat Action
Wednesday 28th June, 3:30pm
The Greater London Authority, in partnership with Bloomberg Associates and the London Communities Emergencies Partnership, is running this event on extreme heat risk in London and the actions that communities can take.

Impact Reporting
Wednesday 5th July, 12pm
What does best practice in impact reporting look like? This webinar will discuss how you can improve your impact reporting, as well as the benefits of demonstrating your impact effectively.

Future of Participation
Friday 7th July – Thursday 13th July
The Greater London Authority is hosting this free, week-long event programme which seeks to reshape how we think about participation in policy-making.

Exploring Census 2021 Data
Tuesday 25th July, 10am
From the Office for National Statistics, this online session will look at a range of tools you can use to explore Census 2021 data and other datasets useful for London’s charities and community groups.

Small Charities Week
It’s Small Charities Week next week, and there are unique events on every day. On top of this, Cranfield Trust are celebrating by offering free charity help and guidance. If you have any charity management questions, ask them on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st June!


Chalk board with lightbulb

Weather Preparedness
Help spread the word about extreme weather preparedness by getting involved in the WeatherReady campaign.

Summer Slump
Hot weather can often cause a slump in productivity. Avoid the lull with some advice from Charity Digital.

Charity Video
Want some tips on how to create authentic charity videos on real-life stories? Read this blog from CharityComms.

Heatwaves Information
The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership has released a guide on heatwave preparedness. It contains resources on heat, health, resilience, and more.

Cool Spaces
Cool Space registration is now available, where you can apply to be on the Greater London Authority’s Cool Space map. Much like Warm Spaces, a Cool Space is a place people can go to escape uncomfortable temperatures. Now that summer is approaching, some people may need a place to go and stay cool in the heat.

Volunteer Recruitment
If you’re looking for volunteers, check out this volunteer recruitment advice from Charity Digital.

Defending Data
Like any organisation using digital technologies, charities are at risk of cyber attacks. Find out how to keep your charity data safe with this Third Sector article.


Latest funds for your organisation

Skills for Londoners
The Mayor’s Community Outreach Programme aims to help more Londoners into adult education. Organisations can apply for the programme if they support disadvantaged adults into education.
Deadline: Friday July 7th, 5pm

Garfield Weston Foundation
The Garfield Weston Foundation offer grants to a range of causes. They also offer core fuding.
Deadline: None

Easy Funding
Register your cause on Easy Funding and get donations from supporters as they shop.

Funds Online
The Directory of Social Change has an online database of over 8,000 funders.


puzzle piece with word 'charity' on it

Infrastructure Report
This new report from Resource for London highlights the issues currently facing voluntary infrastructure organisations in the capital. It features a range of interviews from London’s infrastructure organisations, including London Plus.

Good Food for All
If you’d like to know more about your borough’s approach to food partnerships, food insecurity, and the food economy, take a look at this new report from Sustain.

Charity Salaries
The CharityJob salary report shows how charity worker salaries have changed since the pandemic.

A Desert Without Resources
This 2023 cost of living report from Do it Now Now has compiled data from 93 Black-led organisations in order to give insight into their current challenges.

Shifting out of Reverse
Results from the third wave of the Voluntary and Community Sector Barometer survey from Pro Bono Economics is now out. It covers topics including volunteer recruitment and the demand on charity services.


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