Support in London during the cost of living crisis


London Plus has created a list of organisations, to signpost and match support for those affected by the rising cost of living. In particular, we are prioritising the inclusion of London-based organisations. This is a working document, and we will be updating it in real-time as we receive information.

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We also have a document containing examples of good practice, insights and innovative ideas across London, all of which are aimed at mitigating the impacts of the rising cost of living.

Good Practice Document

The document below is a list of useful data resources relating to the rising cost of living. As the cost of living crisis continues to affect the lives or Londoners, the available data on the situation has steadily increased to the point where we feel it is necessary to compile it in one place. 

Data Document

Cost of Living Evidence Toolkit

This is a toolkit aimed at helping smaller organisations build an evidence based around the cost of living crisis. It can be used to support funding applications.

It has key data sources and explains how to collate your own insights and case studies.

This document was compiled by the cost of living task group, led by Selina Rodrigues of Community Barnet.

Evidence and Insight Toolkit

Contact Us

Do you want to notify us of an organisation or group providing support during this crisis? If you would like to highlight an organisation in our newsletters or social media, please contact us at:

The cost of living and food banks

Additionally, our three-part food insecurity blog series highlights our research linked to the cost of living crisis. Visit the links below to find out how the cost of living crisis affects food bank use in London.

  1. The cost of living & food banks – Changes to government benefits mean that rising energy and food prices may disproportionately affect lower-income households.
  2. The risks and how to help – How are food banks affected by increasingly relying on volunteers during the cost of living crisis?
  3. A closer look at London food banks – Are food banks in the right locations for the Londoners that need them?

Our partner campaign, London’s Lifelines, is also getting involved with food aid. Have a look at this webpage, which has information on how you can help get food to those in need.

Please note:  The team at London Plus have collated this cost-of-living document. Whilst we have systems in place to ensure that as much as possible, we are sharing trusted and legitimate organisations, they have not been officially verified or approved by ourselves. This document is for signposting and information only.