Community Resilience Fund

The Community Resilience Fund will strengthen the links between communities


The Community Resilience Fund

We know that London’s resilience to emergencies is reliant on everyone working together. Our city is experiencing a larger number of emergency situations and stresses, especially due to the increasing impacts of climate change. Partnership building is immensely important if these emergencies are to be overcome.

London’s emergency responders include the London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service and Metropolitan Police Service. They all undoubtedly play a key role. However, London’s community and voluntary sector is equally important.

The local community and voluntary sector is vital to supporting Londoners through emergencies. Working through Borough Resilience Forums, local authorities across the capital support emergency planning.

The funding

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London Plus is working with the Greater London Authority to deliver the community resilience fund. Grants will be awarded for community and voluntary sector infrastructure organisations. The funding will help organisations work with local authorities and Borough Resilience Forums to: 

  • Create or improve partnerships between community groups, the local authority, and other statutory partners.
  • Increase community preparedness through new or improved planning.  
  • Strengthen community resilience practice through creating or improving communications channels, use of data and insight, and/or use of exercising scenarios.

What will we be funded? 

We are looking to fund projects that focus on partnership building. Specifically, partnership building in the community and voluntary sector, local authorities and other statutory partners. Applicants must confirm they have agreement with their local authority in order to apply. Projects must focus on planning, responding and recovering from emergencies. 

Projects should last for six months, beginning from March 2023 and ending by September 2023. 

What grants are available? 

A total of £55,000 is available to support up to 12 projects across London. Small grants of up to £5,000 are available for community and voluntary sector organisations. Meanwhile, local authorities will be asked to contribute in-kind. 

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 25th January 2023. 

Who can apply for the community resilience fund? 

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Applications are open to: 

  • Registered charities including charitable incorporated organisations.
  • Formally constituted community groups.
  • Social and not-for-profit businesses including community interest companies and social enterprises.
  • Community benefit societies. 
  • Community infrastructure organisations.

How to apply? 

Please see below the links to the community resilience fund eligibility quiz and application form. 

Eligibility Quiz

Application Form

Support in preparing your application 

For further information about these grants please download the Community Resilience Fund Grant Guidance [PDF]

Please also see our Community Resilience Fund FAQ [PDF]

We held an information session on 9th January 2022, which gave organisations the chance to hear about this opportunity and ask questions. If you would like to view a recording of this session, please contact 

Please note: This grant is available to organisations and community groups only. If you are a London local authority you may be interested in the London Boroughs Engagement Grant which is run by London Councils.

Having read the community resilience fund’s guidance and FAQ, applicants who still have queries should contact: 

Emily Coatham, London Plus Coordinator on: