Better Social Prescribing, better health

A draft vision for what social prescribing will look like in London presented at City Hall in early 2019.

London Plus is leading a new London-wide Network to grow and strengthen social prescribing to help deliver the Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy. The Network is supported by the Mayor of London reflecting the crucial role that the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector plays in improving health and wellbeing. The VCSE sector brings a range of services, as well as expertise and a unique reach into the most disadvantaged communities in London. This project is more important than ever to ensure Londoners’ needs are met throughout the Covid-19 crisis and its longer-term impact.

Social Prescribing

Health problems do not always need medical interventions, and ill-health can be caused by external factors such as stress, poverty and inactivity. Social prescribing allows GPs and other frontline health professionals to refer patients to local support services provided by voluntary and community sector organisations. This is done through social prescribing link workers who advise on suitable community services focused on the individual.

London’s Social Prescribing Network

To support the growth of social prescribing across London, the Network will:

  • Promote social prescribing and its role in improving people’s health and wellbeing;
  • Highlight, support and develop best practice that informs policy;
  • Improve understanding and engagement between social prescribing practitioners, health professionals, commissioners, and funders;
  • Represent the voice of service users, patients and carers.

“London Plus is excited about the potential of this project to make a difference to Londoners’ health, especially in response to the increased and changing needs that Covid-19 has brought. We look forward to working with our colleagues across civil society as well as health partners to build stronger social prescribing across London.”  Martin Brookes, Chief Executive of London Plus

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Case studies

We have long been champions of social prescribing. Take a look at some of the case studies we have published, highlighting the incredible social prescribing projects run by some of the organisations in our Network:

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