Support for Afghan Refugees: Find organisations in London

Our up-to-date list has information on pan-London and local support available for Afghan refugees in each London borough.


Access the document to find support

London Plus is supporting the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP). The VCSEP is making effort to coordinate support for Afghan refugees in London. To this end, we are hoping to build a list of London-based organisations for signposting and by which offers and requests can be quickly matched.

London Plus works with a number of organisations in London to make the work of the voluntary and community sector more effective and efficient in emergencies. Formally, London Plus is part of the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCSEP).

Correspondingly, the VCSEP is helping to coordinate support for Afghan refugees who have arrived in London in the past two weeks. To help this effort, we are putting together a list of London-based organisations working on this challenge. The list can help with signposting and ensure offers of help can be more quickly matched with local need.

The above document includes information to access financial and mental health support, food banks and other services for Afghan refugees. Significantly, these services are mostly run by local charities and other community organisations.  To find services and organisations in your London borough, please navigate the document using the headings on the left.

As the situation unfolds, the information may be subject to change, and more organisations and projects will join the effort. Therefore, we will be updating the document to reflect this. In addition, we have an ongoing thread of organisations and resources that are helping Afghans in London on Twitter.

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If there are organisations or groups providing support during this crisis you’d like to list, please contact us:

Alternatively, if you would like to highlight an organisation’s work on our Twitter thread, please email or send us a direct message.