London Plus launching Good Work Commission

Civil society organisations in London come together to create the new good work commission


The London Good Work Commission is the first major attempt in the capital to explore how we create ‘a city of good work for all’.

Established by London Plus, the hub body for the capital’s 120,000 voluntary organisations, the commission brings together over 20 London leaders, carefully selected from civil society, local government, businesses, the trade union movement, and think-tanks.

It will develop a series of proposals on pay equality, a living wage, universal lifelong learning, responsible and socially purposeful business, and work-life balance such as a 4-day week – ideas essential to making good work for all a reality.

A big theme of the commission’s work will be to understand, articulate, and bring to the fore the pivotal role of London’s civil society in creating good work for all. Its findings and recommendations will be heavily informed by research and evidence gathered from London’s voluntary sector, involving opinion research, interviews, and site visits. The commission will also host a series of policy workshops.

The London Good Work Commission will draw heavily on insights from London Plus’ 800 strong network of frontline organisations tackling unemployment, low pay, financial hardship, insecure work, digital exclusion, and poor skills.

The commission’s final ideas will be presented at a specially convened ‘London Good Work and Civil Society Debate’ in the autumn with a number of top leaders and policymakers.

London Plus’ Rayhan Haque will coordinate all aspects of the commission’s work.

London Good Work Commissioners

  • Deborah Hargreaves, Director of the High Pay Centre & Chair of the London Child Poverty Alliance
  • Clare Coghill, Leader of Waltham Forest Council
  • Chris Price, CEO, Pecan
  • Ben Rogers, Director, Centre for London
  • Venu Dhupa, Director, Community Links
  • Dominic Pinkney, CEO, Hammersmith and Fulham Volunteer Centre
  • Ross Diamond, CEO, Redbridge CVS
  • Sophie Adelman, Co-Founder at WhiteHat
  • Stephen Jeffery, CEO, London Learning Consortium
  • Charles Leadbeater, Future Work Awards founder & ex Number 10 Adviser
  • Tess Lanning, Head of Enterprise and Employment Strategy at Barking & Dagenham Council & ex Director of Living Wage Foundation
  • Stephen Evans, CEO, Learning and Work Institute
  • Nicola Inge, Director, BITC
  • Alice Martin, Head of Work and Pay, New Economics Foundation
  • Tebussum Rashid, Deputy CEO, BTEG
  • Sam Gurney, Head of TUC London
  • Jon Rees, Head of Making it Work, Inclusion London
  • Helen Webb, Chief People Officer, Co-op
  • Mark Hilton, Director, London First
  • Seetha Kumar, CEO, Creative Skillset
  • Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation
  • Anna Thomas, Co-Founder & Director, Institute for the Future of Work
  • Lucy Caldicott, Founder, ChangeOut
  • Paul Goulden, CEO, Age UK London

The commission’s work will focus on addressing a number of big policy challenges and questions, including:

  • How do we end low pay in the city?
  • What is the best way to reduce working hours and create better work-life balance, such as a 4-day week?
  • How should we support those who are unemployed into good work, particularly those facing the biggest barriers?
  • What can be done to improve advancement and progression at work?
  • How do we encourage greater pay equality?
  • What does a universal lifelong learning offer for Londoners look like?
  • How do we make London a global leader in technical and vocational learning?
  • What must we do to prepare working Londoners for greater automation and technology?
  • How do we ensure the digital world leads to better, not worse, forms of work?
  • Good work, should feel good, so how do we make London’s businesses the most purposeful and socially driven in the world?
  • How do we increase feelings of empowerment and autonomy with work?
  • How do we create work for Londoners that is healthy and good for them?
  • How do we provide greater protection to people working in the on-demand economy?

If you would like to learn more about the London Good Work Commission or support its work, please contact its Convener, Rayhan Haque.

The London Plus Good Work Commission has now hosted it’s first meeting, which you can read about in our blog.