Winter Preparedness Workshop

The London Communities Emergencies Partnership recently hosted their winter preparedness workshop for the voluntary and community sector in London. It took place on Wednesday 9th November.

It was in partnership with the Greater London Authority. The workshop covered a range of topics regarding potential winter emergencies.

On this page you can find recordings from the winter preparedness session, as well as a range of useful resources. See the ‘winter preparedness links used’ documents for all relevant links.

Also, be sure to read our accompanying Winter Preparedness blog if you haven’t done so already.

We won’t bog you down with details here – the below recordings and resources speak for themselves.

UK Power Networks Priority Service Register and Power Outage

UK Power Networks Priority Service Register and Power Outage [Transcript]

Email for more information.

Met Office Weather Risks

Met Office Weather Risks [Transcript]

Environmental Agency Flood Risks

Part 1

Part 2


Environment Agency Flood Risks [Transcript]

Greater London Authority Flood Leaflets

Greater London Authority Flood Leaflets [Transcript]

Greater London Authority Cost of Living Response

Greater London Authority Cost of Living Response [Transcript]

The Greater London Authority’s Financial Hardship team want to understand the training needs that community partners across London have related to supporting Londoners with cost-of-living issues. This could include training which –

  • Allows frontline workers to feel more confident in supporting Londoners with simple cost of living-related issues
  • Supports frontline workers to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of staff in the workplace
  • Covers safeguarding policies and processes and strategies to deal with tense, abusive or violent situations

Please fill out the expression of Interest form (voluntary and community organisations only)

Once they have received responses, they will see if there are common training needs across multiple organisations that are not currently being met. They will then work to match organisations with training providers.

UK Health Security Agency Public Health Risk

UK Health Security Agency Public Health Risk [Transcript]

Other Winter Preparedness Workshop Resources

Further to these recordings, see below for some other resources. Note that these are both Word documents and need to be downloaded.

To those who attended the workshop, we greatly appreciate your time and hope you found the session useful. Please feel free to share this far and wide.