Community Resilience Fund Round 2 Project Launch

Making communities more resilient


Community Resilience Fund Round 2 Launch

We are delighted to announce the Community Resilience Fund projects for round 2. This initiative marks a significant step in enhancing community networks and strengthening the resilience of London against various emergencies. With this round, it means that so far we have reached a total of 22 boroughs. You can find out more information about the Cohort 1 projects here.

About the Community Resilience Fund Round 2

The Community Resilience Fund, established in partnership with the Greater London Authority (GLA), London Plus & London Communities Emergencies Partnership (LCEP), is designed to bolster London’s resilience to emergencies. It achieves this by fostering collaboration between community organisations and their local authority emergency planning teams. This partnership aims to tailor emergency preparedness strategies to the unique needs of each borough in London.

Celebrating the New Cohort of the Community Resilience Fund Round 2

The successful candidates have been chosen. They have crafted their project ideas, each designed to address specific challenges and requirements of their boroughs. The extended network promises not only to reinforce the foundations laid by the initial projects but also to bring more diverse strategies and ideas to the forefront. See a glimpse into the promising new projects joining us in this venture below.

We invite you to stay connected for updates on the progress of these projects in the coming months. Additionally, look forward to the announcement of Round 3 of the Community Resilience Fund later in the year.

List of Community Resilience Fund Round 2 recipients

Ealing and Hounslow Community Voluntary Service

Borough Resilience Network 

A Borough-wide Resilience Network was designed and launched in collaboration between the Ealing and Hounslow Community Voluntary Service and the Ealing Council Emergency Management Team. The partnership will engage town forums, residents, voluntary, community and faith sectors in Ealing to raise awareness of emergency planning through network meetings. The partnership will undertake a community mapping exercise to develop a community asset register and community response emergency plan.

Community Southwark

Connecting communities

Community Southwark will bring charities and community groups together with the council’s emergency planners to share communications and respond to emergencies.

Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre

H&F Community Resilience Alliance

This project will connect and facilitate long-term collaboration between Hammersmith & Fulham’s Emergency Response and the voluntary and community sector. It will help to produce a joint plan through an understanding of the skills, resources, and space the voluntary sector can offer during an emergency.

Voluntary Action Harrow CIC

Building Resilience

Working with residents, volunteers and community workers we will improve and develop more effective partnerships between key stakeholders for a shared strategy to building resilience and emergencies. This will be done through involvement in strategic planning, community workshops, and pro-active engagement.

Volunteer Centre Kensington & Chelsea

Community-Centred Preparedness and Resilience

Working with residents, community organisations, our local authority and emergency services partners, we will rethink and remake the systems we use to plan for, and respond to, emergencies, learning lessons from recent local experience and acknowledging the importance of the skills, knowledge and relationships of the people who live in our borough to planning for and responding to a wide range of potential emergencies. This will result in improved plans and a better prepared borough.

Bexley Voluntary Service Council

Resilient Together in Bexley; a coordinated approach to emergency planning

BVSC will coordinate a joined-up approach with the Borough Resilience Forum (BRF) and the Voluntary and Community sector (VCS) in Bexley to strengthen emergency response in the borough. Through this partnership, we will build a network in Bexley that is better prepared, connected, and aware of how to best respond in an emergency. This will lead to an increased level of understanding, create a catalyst for mobilisation, and strengthen community resilience.

Volunteer Centre Hackney

A Stronger Hackney; Community Response & Resilience

Volunteer Centre Hackney and Hackney Council would like to work together to increase engagement, trust and understanding between the voluntary sector and the Emergency Planning Team.  We will gather insight and learning into the response of the community and voluntary sector to emergencies and ongoing community issues. This will inform an inclusive, “whole-of-society” approach to resilience, boosting Hackney’s preparedness to face challenges including climate change, the ongoing cost of living crisis and continued COVID recovery.

Community Links Bromley

Building Back Better: Resilient Bromley a prepared and engaged community

Community Links Bromley, in partnership with the Borough Emergency Planning and Corporate Resilience Lead, will engage, test and learn, and co-produce new approaches to local community resilience in Bromley. An engagement programme with local voluntary and community organisations is planned. This will assess current understanding of risks and to pilot the local co-production of a community emergency plan in partnership with local voluntary and community organisations.  Central to this will be assessing community understanding of available resources, skills and facilities and communications.

Thames Life

BD_Community Resilience Network

BD_Community Resilience Network aims to enable better connections, accountability and trust between social sector organisations, existing networks and statutory responders to improve the resilience of Barking and Dagenham in the face of emergencies.

Richmond upon Thames Council for Voluntary Service

Strengthening Local Community Resilience to Support Richmond’s Response to Emergencies

Richmond CVS aims to improve community preparedness for emergencies by working with VCSF and statutory partners. Through a mapping exercise we will:

  • Review the VCSF’s role and contribution in recent emergencies
  • Undertake a survey and discussions with the VCSF to understand their contribution
  • Assess interest in partnership work and explore how to join up with statutory response
  • Produce a report to inform future resilience strategies and deliver a workshop for the VCSF on emergency preparedness

CVS Brent

BLEEP – Brent Leaders Equality & Emergency Partners

In the event of an emergency, local people turn to trusted organisations.

There is a need for better communication and reach to underserved communities in an emergency. The BLEEP initiative aims to alert, advice and accelerate the engagement of local leaders from diverse backgrounds and the faith community that could play a greater role both in the event of an emergency and after an urgent incident.

Brent Resilience Team and CVS Brent skill-up and support faith-based and frontline leaders in Brent. Together they will connect, communicate and inform Brent’s Boroughs resilience strategy and action plan.


Thank you for reading about all the amazing projects funded by the Community Resilience Fund Round 2. We are very excited to watch these projects progress as time goes on.

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