Local Authorities and Charities in London: Collaboration is Key

Local Authorities and charities are already collaborating, but more can be done

This is a talk I gave at an event of local authority community engagement officers from across London. The pandemic saw close working between local authorities and the voluntary and community sector in London. The cost of living crisis is restoring close working in places where it had waned a little. In my talk, I said that continued collaboration between the two sectors is important and is one of two core ideas that should guide local authorities’ thinking. The second idea is information sharing.

Collaborative Work

Information Sharing

Information & Collaboration Examples

Barking and Dagenham – Collaboration

Kingston, Hillingdon & Merton – Online Information Sharing

  • debt, housing and welfare
  • emergency food and fuel
  • energy saving help
  • funding support
  • funding for organisations

Kensington and Chelsea, Barnet & Newham – Crisis Collaboration

Information Sharing – Trial and Error

Sharing is Caring

Try out information sharing – it’s a great way to care for your community

New ways to Collaborate

Community Collaboration

The Issue of Funding

Food Aid – A Growing Concern

A paper bag filled with food - a growing concern during the cost of living crisis

Collaboration is key to overcoming growing food aid concerns

Food Aid and The Importance of Collaboration

Stronger Together