London CVS Network 2022/23 Impact Report


This new impact report from the London CVS Network is the second report from the network. It highlights the vital role of local infrastructure in connecting, supporting, promoting and representing London’s voluntary and community sector. 

London CVS Network 2022/23 Impact Report

The lifeblood of communities

This second impact report follows on from the first. It continues to demonstrate the crucial ways in which local infrastructure organisations respond to the needs of voluntary sector organisations and community groups, supporting them to develop. This in turn helps organisations and groups in their vital response to the needs of local communities.  

‘Local infrastructure acts as the lifeblood, empowering communities, amplifying voices and effecting positive change.’

-Tony Wong, CEO Hackney CVS, Chair of the Network

A wake-up call

However, this second report goes further than the last. It uses multiple external sources to evidence the scale and breadth of the voluntary and community sector. It also evidences the growing demands upon the sector, and the increasingly fragile funding landscape.  

’This report serves as a wake-up call, emphasising the indispensable role CVSs play and the urgent need for meaningful investment to ensure they can continue to provide comprehensive support to London’s most marginalised communities.’

-Tony Wong, CEO Hackney CVS, Chair of the Network

We hope that it will provide useful London context to inform a strategic and collaborative response from funders regarding the infrastructure funding challenge.  

‘We want to continue to deliver for our communities and can only do this if our role is fully understood and supported.’

-Angela Spence, CEO KCSC, outgoing Chair of the Network

We’d like to thank members of the London CVS Network for their contributions and special thanks to Superhighways, Nissa Ramsay and David Kane who produced the report on behalf of London Plus and the London CVS Network. 

Reports past, present and future

This is the second impact report for the London CVS Network. Read the first impact report (2020/21) below

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If there’s something you’d like to see explored in a future report, we’d love to hear from you