Hot off the Press: The First Impact Report from the London CVS Network

CVS Network Report

This impact report from the London CVS Network highlights the vital role of local infrastructure in connecting, supporting, promoting and representing London’s voluntary and community sector. 

Strength Through Connections 

The role of local infrastructure as a connector is fundamental to a sector that is stronger and works better together. In other words, connections are key to better communication, collaboration, and partnership. Its convening role enables infrastructure to amplify local voices, champion local issues and spark social action. Collectively, these organisations strive to create a better, fairer London for all.  

This report firstly demonstrates local infrastructure’s connectivity with the sector and extensive reach into communities, through their own networks of voluntary and community groups. Secondly, it highlights the number of organisations supported and represented by London’s infrastructure organisations. Thirdly, it spotlights activities over the course of an unprecedented year, with significant sums leveraged into the wider sector. Finally, it shows the potential that could be reached if there were similar organisations in every London borough. 

The Funding Landscape 

We hope this report will provide useful London context to inform a strategic and collaborative response from funders regarding the infrastructure funding challenge. For those funders new to funding infrastructure, hopefully it will be enlightening and encourage them to see infrastructure differently. 

Our impact report follows 360 Giving’s recent report which outlined the real terms decrease in infrastructure funding in the UK for more than a decade. This trajectory must not be allowed to continue, especially now. We are at a time when the sector (and its infrastructure) is needed more than ever, as it responds to increasing demands and seeks to address significant inequalities in our society.  

A First for London 

This report is the first of its kind for London and we are already planning the next one for 2022/23. We expect to publish it at the end of this calendar year. So, if there’s something you’d like to see featured, we’d love to hear from you.

Full report here:

CVS Network Report