Councils for Voluntary Services & Volunteer Centres

Councils for Voluntary Services (CVSs) and Volunteer Centres (VCs) are the two main types of infrastructure support organisations that exist to support frontline voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors in London.

Please see the map below for details on infrastructure support organisations in London. The map contains the locations of all the CVSs and Volunteer Centres across the city, as well as some other infrastructure organisations.

Click on the icons to view an organisation’s website and contact details. Alternatively, click on the directory links below to find your local CVS or Volunteer Centre.

London Directories

Councils for Voluntary Services (CVS) directory

Volunteer Centres (VCs) directory

What are CVSs & Volunteer Centres?

If you want to find out more about CVSs and Volunteer Centres, click the buttons below for definitions and useful information.

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If you want to find out more about infrastructure support organisations, click here.

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