Researcher/Data Analyst Opportunity


Impact report: London’s Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Infrastructure – Opportunity for a Researcher/Data Analyst


London Plus is a small but influential charity that has successfully established itself over the past few years. We are a trusted partner of many organisations across all London’s 32 boroughs, working to champion and support charities and community groups. This is done by making connections, running networks, collecting data, and working to communicate with partners and stakeholders.

Earlier this year London Plus published the first ever collective impact report for the London CVS Network. We now seek to commission a researcher/data analyst to follow up and expand on this work to include also the work of London’s Volunteer Centres and present a comprehensive overview of London’s VCS infrastructure.  This is an exciting opportunity for an organisation or freelance researcher to build a deeper understanding of this vital part of London’s voluntary and community sector, and help measure as well as communicate its value.

Candidates must have knowledge of the voluntary and community sector and experience of similar projects within the sector.

Activity and anticipated outputs

The output will be a range of reports and resources that describe the impact of London’s VCS infrastructure, aimed primarily at the capital’s funders, policymakers and other partners, as well as within the voluntary and community sector. The successful candidate will co-design the workplan and final outputs with London Plus and members of the network. We anticipate that activity will include:

  • Co-design of workplan and outputs with London Plus and network members
  • Collating and analysing quantitative data
  • Collating submitted case studies
  • Suggestions on how best to present findings (including potential for developing for digital platforms)
  • Writing the narrative report for the London CVS Network
  • Creating supplementary reports/resources for the London Volunteer Centre Network and an overarching infrastructure impact report (encompassing both networks)
  • Creating infographic/s and other related content
  • Supporting the distribution and dissemination of the final report/s
  • An evaluation of the survey design and project process to aid future research projects


We aim to appoint a researcher early in November, with work to begin shortly thereafter.  It is hoped that some outputs will be completed by the turn of the year, and the remainder of the project reaching completion in early 2024.


The budget envelope for this project is £22-25K. We are keen to hear candidates’ proposals as to how they would approach this project and present the research findings, within this guideline.

Next steps

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send us a CV, covering email and an example of any similar work by close of business 31 October 2023.   Contact Hannah Norgate, Networks Manager ( if you have any questions or would like to discuss the project.