Social Prescribing Day 2024

On 14th March 2024, we will be celebrating Social Prescribing Day.

Social Prescribing Day is an annual celebration of the people, organisations and communities who make social prescribing happen. Since 2019, thousands of local and national organisations, link workers, medical professionals, academics and students have taken part across the country.

Join London Plus this year as we spread the word about our London Social Prescribing Network and celebrate the amazing work of charities and community groups in London.

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How to get involved

Spread the word

In the run-up to Social Prescribing Day, we will be letting everyone know about our useful resources and our London Network. We want as many charities and community groups as possible in the capital to know about social prescribing and what support is available.

Everything you need to help spread the word about social prescribing can be downloaded here.

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Join the London Social Prescribing Network

At London Plus, we joined forces with the GLA (Greater London Authority) to set up a Social Prescribing Network. By working together, we can strengthen the role of community groups and charities who are delivering these activities across London.

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How can social prescribing help?

Social prescribing improves people’s health and wellbeing. It can reduce loneliness, support people’s mental health and it seeks to reduce health inequalities. The National Academy for Social Prescribing has been gathering evidence to show how social prescribing connects people and makes a difference, as well as the economic benefits.

Visit the National Academy for Social Prescribing website

We’re here to help

If you’d like to know anything else about social prescribing in London, please get in touch.


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