Defining Councils for Voluntary Services (CVSs)

What is a CVS?

A CVS is an organisation that supports and brings together local charities and community groups. In London CVSs are borough-based, operating in 29 of the 33 London boroughs. Many (but not all) incorporate a local volunteer centre. Check out the short video above to find out more.

What does a CVS do?

London CVS Network: Connects, promotes, supports, represents the voluntary and community sector


  • Links local voluntary, community, and faith organisations with public and private sector organisations.

  • Brings together local charities and community groups through networks and forums, subsequently encouraging collaboration.


  • Shares information, advice, and funding opportunities.

  • Offers training and development support for community organisations.

  • Supports the local voluntary and community sector response to major incidents, or specifically, in times of crisis.

  • Some CVSs support local residents and communities, i.e., through training, events and other services.

  • Some also deliver social prescribing services.


  • Raises the profile of local voluntary, community, and faith organisations. Accordingly, this increases awareness amongst the general public, policymakers and funders.


  • Represents and advocates significantly for the local voluntary sector.

  • Provides local insights and further amplifies the voice of communities.

  • Facilitates collective action to address issues specifically affecting the local community.

London CVS Network 

London Plus facilitates the pan-London CVS Directors’ Network, chaired by Tony Wong (Hackney CVS). The network meets quarterly. This provides a forum for collaboration, peer support and the sharing of insights.

CVS Impact Report

Take a look at the 2022/23 London CVS Network impact report, which highlights the vital role of local infrastructure in connecting, supporting, promoting and representing London’s voluntary and community sector. 

Read the report


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