Tales of Covid

Four years on from the first lockdown announcement, we are proud to share our ‘Tales of Covid’ report.

Written by Simon Petherick for London Plus, the report is a study of how charity and community groups across all 32 boroughs of London worked tirelessly to keep the city alive during the pandemic.

Across the capital, people came together to make a difference and support communities through Covid-19. This report is a celebration of their efforts and an acknowledgement of the challenges they faced.

We wrote this report during the tail end of the pandemic and leave the temporal references unchanged. As a commentary four years on from the pandemic’s start, it serves as a reminder of the breadth of work, effort, and the value of charities and community groups across London.

Thank you to everyone who spoke to London Plus as part of this project. It is your stories, your voices, that made ‘Tales of Covid’ possible.

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