Digital Leadership 101

Superhighways Digital Leadership 101

London Plus is delighted to be a partner of Superhighways the small charity technology experts, helping them to deliver their Digital Leadership 101 programme of training and advice for leaders of charities and community organisations across London.

Other partners include The Foundation for Social Improvement and NAVCA and it has been supported by the Department of Digital, Culture Media and Sport

The Digital Leadership 101 programme will run workshops for small charity trustee and director level networks, on-site training for trustee boards and one-off advice sessions for trustees.

It will explore how small charity digital leaders can develop their organisation’s digital capability within the framework of the newly launched Charity Digital Code of Practice.  This suggests charities adopt 7 key digital principles to increase their impact, develop skills and improve sustainability. 

Between us, the partners will produce a range of digestible resources and success stories to share with CEOs and trustees in charities serving London’s local communities.

Small charities, like any organisation, need to be able to succeed in using digital. Our experience at London Plus has shown that digital is not an add on to our work, but essential in helping us to achieve our mission. To do that we need the right kind of support, and Superhighways have the depth and breadth of experience of working with small charities to offer effective training.

Superhighways take a pragmatic approach that starts by understanding the need and then building confidence throughout the organisation. Digital Leadership 101 gives small charity CEOs and Trustees the knowledge they will need to make important decisions about how their small charity embraces and maximises the use of digital in the future.

Demand for the programme is high but CEOs and trustees of small charities can express their interest in receiving network or board training and asking for specific advice in this section of the Superhighways website.

London Plus will publish resources and case studies from the programme over the coming months.

To book a place please register on Eventbrite:

Digital Leadership 101 – for CVS Development / Advisers (Morning, Southwark) 

Digital Leadership 101 – for CVS Development / Advisers (Afternoon, Islington) 

Digital Leadership 101 – making strategic decisions in small charities